Let’s Dance!

Let’s Dance!



“Let’s have fun in Condado”

“Know Old San Juan Dancing”

“Make your celebration special & unique”

“Change your traditional activity”

What is Báilalo PR?

We are a fun adventure that involves all your senses while you get to know tourist places.

We offer an urban and original trip through Condado and the heart of Old San Juan (Coming soon) with Silent Disco Party technology synchronized headphones.

In this silent adventure, only the participants will be able to hear the music and the voice of our hosts.

An immersive route to play, laugh, have fun and listen to the top music hits of all time.

Silent Disco Party

The Silent Disco Experiences experience is already a success in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia or the USA. Báilalo PR is the first dedicated disco experiences company in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Live this silent party as you want! An outdoor activity to enjoy as a couple, with friends or as a family in a healthy and brand new environment.




Dance to the moon…
or in Condado!